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Swimming pool leaks are one of the most heavily searched subjects on the internet today and for a great reason.

For those who have ever experienced a pool leak, you are well aware of how frustrating, time-consuming, difficult and expensive it can be to figure out and resolve the problem.

Most pool builders and swimming pool maintenance companies do not provide pool leak detection services. That is why we are here, to find your leak and fix it quickly without all the other hassles.

We are the leading swimming pool detection company in the Houston area. You will find most of the pool builders in this area of Texas call us when they require a pool leak to be fixed for a pool owner.

So, if you found us on the internet and are still reading all about us, you undoubtedly have a swimming pool leak. Look no further and get in touch with us. We are affordable, reliable, and provide top-notch pool leak detection services resulting in optimum results.

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Our Mission and Core Values define who we are as a swimming pool leak detection company and how we operate. 

Our Mission

Our core purpose and the precise ways we put them into a strategic plan of action.

Our Core Values

In order to complete our mission with 100% satisfaction, we align around our guiding philosophy.

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"There crew is very professional and they conducted a very thorough leak test in my pool and equipment. They did an excellent job repairing the leak and at a great cost. I highly recommend them."

Pasquale Fernando College Station, TX

"Superior Leak Detection quickly diagnosed my issue and proposed a solution. They were extremely professional and I would not hesitate to use them again."

Rick Doyle Katy, TX

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